Cholula ‘Chipotle’ Hot Sauce 150ml


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Cholula ‘Chipotle’ is a smokey sensation and with it’s mild heat it can be added liberally to almost anything off the grill or out of the oven.

Cholula ‘Chipotle’ is a must-have in your armory of sauces. Ron and Loz also recommend Cholula ‘Chipotle’ for marinating – especially chicken thighs (with a little garlic, shallots and Colgin Liquid Smoke) prior to sacrifice on the grill or in the oven. With smoked jalapenos, Gaujillo, Arbol and Piquin peppers get on board the smoke train and stick one in the cart today!!

Chimes in with a peppery little 5/10 on the Emporium Heat Scale.

Smoke… Tastic!!!

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