Dad’s ‘Devil Mix’ Gift Pack


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Deliver Dad our hand selected Dad’s ‘Devil Mix’ Gift Pack. The old bloke will cherish this super-charged sizzling range designed by a couple of dad’s themselves!

With everything a 7+/10 on Hot Sauce Emporium Heat Scale (aside from the BBQ Sauce) this will keep the old fella’s lips tingling for months to come. Of course if the old girl loves her heat then simply re-name it! The Mother’s Meltdown Gift Pack!


  • Two Cowboys Ghost Pepper Sauce 148ml
  • Mellow Habanero ‘Mild’ Hot Sauce 55ml
  • The Other Chef Smokey Habasco 100ml
  • BHM (Bloody Hot Mate) Habanero Lime Sauce 150ml
  • Original Australian Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce 325ml

Amazing flavors and serious heat…what more could a hot sauce fanatic want?

Great value!

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