élan’s ‘Calypso’ Pepper Jam 200g


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Beautifully presented, élan’s Calypso Pepper Jam tastes just as good as it looks. This a delicious slow-cooked Calypso pepper jam, oozing character, sweet and spicy. Use it as a spread, a dip, with cheeses or simply douse it all over your next barbecued snag!

Rating a mellow 3+/10 on Emporium Heat Scale, (but with that cheeky hint of heat) discover the new family friendly favourite for your next festivity!. Full of goodness, gluten free, get that Calypso vibe today and pass the dutchie on the left hand side! YUM!

Try it and you’ll know why it picked up Silver at The Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards as well as a Silver Medal at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show!

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