Mellow ‘Smokey’ Habanero 55ml


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New to ‘Loz & Ron’s Hot Sauce Emporium’ is the unique ‘Mellow Habanero’ sauce from the famous Ta-Nm Farm in Japan. ‘Mellow Habanero’ is made from hand picked and smoked Habanero and Jalapeno chillies. It’s literally exploding with flavour with a delightful smokey mango after taste. So is there some heat..? Being Habanero driven there sure is! It’s modest heat and it wont tear sear your tongue so you can apply it liberally to your favorite foods – it’s especially great with pizza and prawns. Loz & Ron give it a mild 6/10 on the Emporium Heat Scale.

Mellow ‘Smokey’ Habanero (55ml Bottle) is best applied liberally on every meal of the day!

Get your orders in and enjoy!

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