Outer Limits ‘Jalapeno Lime’ Hot Sauce 147ml


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New Jersey might be famous for The Sopranos, but the talented crew at ‘Outer Limits’ deserve an Emmy for this one. Their ‘Jalapeno Lime’ sauce is a thick bodied tangy citrus driven Jalapeno hot sauce with a perfect mild to medium heat that lingers and stimulates the senses.

Only at The Hot Sauce Emporium will you ‘source’ the Jalapeno Lime from Outer Limits, chiming in with a ‘drink this mother down’ 6/10 on the Emporium Heat Scale.

Eggs, Pork Sliders, curry…if you’re Garry from our organic farming team…straight from the bottle through a straw! This stuff is unstoppable on BBQ king prawns too!

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