The Emporium’s Signature Cajun Dry Rub 155g



Get a taste of the deep South with our very own Signature Cajun Spice Dry Rub. Using our own organic farmed Cayenne chilies and bursting with Southern-State flavour, you’ll have Daisy Duke inviting herself over for the BBQ! Just throw your favourite cut of meat in to a zip lock back, add your rub, marinade for as long as possible (overnight works best!) and cook it slow. With The Emporium’s Signature Cajun Dry Rub works wonders with wings, brisket, pork, chicken, fish, corn and beef spare ribs!

Registering a flavour-packed 6.5/10 on the Emporium Heat Scale…get a real rub with real size. (Yes 155 grams, not a supermarket 30, 40 or 50 grams!) Our rubs can marinade up to 3.5kg of meat, depending on how intense you like it.

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