BHM Furious 5 Gift Set

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The BHM range of all-natural Aussie hot sauces is made in small hand-crafted batches and the results speak for themselves... x 5!!

  1.  BHM ‘Black Habanero’ Sauce 150ml (Seductive & Spicy) 
  2.  BHM Xtreme Heat 150ml (BLOODY HOT with so much Habanero)
  3.  BHM Chipotle Habanero 150ml (Smokey & Smooth)
  4.  BHM Hab 'n' Lime 150ml (Citrus Sensation) Currently O/S & subbed with ‘BHM Verde’
  5.  BHM Caribbean Hot Sauce 150ml (Tropical Treat)

A great gift, and almost too good to give away! Go the whole hog and throw in their outrageously smokey chipotle BBQ sauce as well!