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To Australia's home of the finest selection of hot sauces and exquisite condiments.

Quality produce, hand-crafted sauces, small-batch and the legends you love -  all made from real ingredients and created with passion and energy.

So you love hot sauce too...or maybe it's the gift of hot sauce that brought to you the Hot Sauce Emporium; well, your journey awaits. Whether its mild, full flavoured or extreme heat that gets you excited, you'll be catered for.

And we pride ourselves on fast delivery, calculated and fiercely competitive shipping so there are no hidden surprises. So delve into our delights from every corner of the globe – from the fiendishly fiery to the truly tantalising!

Our development team scours the globe, (well we were!) to bring you the finest and tastiest all-natural condiments down under. Handcrafted dry rubs, hot sauces, table sauces, mustard, liquid smokes, scorching snacks, salsa, dressings, salts, smoker wood, exotic spices & of course great Gift Packs and customised Hampers.

Looking for preservative free, vegan or gluten free sauces? Our entire range is preservative, additive, colouring and MSG free. No nasties, just the best of the best all on one easy to navigate website! And if you’re sugar-free, vegan or gluten intolerant, the bulk of our mind bending range has you in mind too.

Catch Adam guiding the Sydney Morning Herald’s food writer through an array of wonderful hot sauces here.